What we do

IRGC activities focus on three major work areas:

Dialogue IRGC operates as a neutral, science-based think tank that fosters creative approaches and guidelines. It is well known for its non-partisan convening power that enables multi-stakeholder dialogue.
Science – Policy IRGC builds on the latest scientific knowledge to improve risk governance. It has developed conceptual methods and tools and provides science-based policy recommendations to key decision-makers in the public and private sector.
Outreach IRGC reaches out through its publications, websites and events. It disseminates the results of its project work to leaders in various fields.

The work process is structured as follows:

Concept note/background paperExpert workshopPost-workshop publicationDissemination
Writing of a concept note or background paper to a workshop: Description of the issue and of the main risk governance challenges involved (what the science says, what others say, what is the problem and why it matters), with preliminary considerations about how to address the challenges (pending governance issues)
Expert workshop focusing on collaborative interaction among a group of experts selected for their expertise and interest in sharing with and learning from others. Here, IRGC acts as a facilitator
Workshop Report or Policy Brief highlighting the main results and recommendations
Dissemination of results and outreach to a wide audience in policy-related sectors

In addition, IRGC organises public events and participates in events or publications organised by others, with the goal of fostering exchange and learning as well as sharing IRGC findings.

General Information About IRGC: