IRGC publications are freely available and are disseminated to a broad audience of policy- and decision-makers in the public, private and academic sectors.

IRGC produces a series of different publications:

Concept NotesPolicy BriefsReportsOpinion PiecesWhite Papers
Concept Notes frame and outline a particular risk or issue, its key questions and governance deficits. Concept Notes may set the stage for possible further project work and collaboration and are reviewed internally by the IRGC Scientific & Technical Council but are not subject to external peer review.
Policy Briefs stem from formal IRGC project work, which includes the participation of representative experts in the field and often entails multi-disciplinary or multi-stakeholder workshops. Policy Briefs include IRGC recommendations for risk governance approaches and are subject to external peer review.
Reports are comprehensive, analytic and detailed documents about a particular issue. They are subject to an external peer review.
Opinion Pieces are the products of specific named authors, giving them more freedom to express their opinions on a topic. The views and policy prescriptions presented in an Opinion Piece are those of the authors and are not a consensus judgement by IRGC, its reviewers, or its sponsors. Opinion Pieces are subject to external peer review.
White Papers are reports or guides that help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. They are used broadly in the policy sphere and are subject to comprehensive and thorough external peer review.

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Latest publications on Infoscience

M.-V. Florin; A. Nursimulu : IRGC Guidelines for the Governance of Systemic Risks. 2018-09-27.
A. Nursimulu; M.-V. Florin : Workshop Report: The Economics of Precision Medicine. 2018-07-18.
M.-V. Florin; K. Bejtullahu-Michalopoulos : Workshop Report: Governance of Trust in Precision Medicine. 2018.
M.-V. Florin; M. T. Bürkler : Introduction to the IRGC Risk Governance Framework. 2017.
E. P. Roege; A. Z. Collier; V. Chevardin; P. Chouinard; M.-V. Florin et al. : Bridging the Gap from Cyber Security to Resilience; Resilience and Risk; Netherlands: Springer, 2017. p. 383-414.
M.-V. Florin; G. Escher : A Roadmap for the Development of Precision Medicine. 2017.
M.-V. Florin : Governing Cybersecurity Risks and Benefits of the Internet of Things: Connected Medical and Health Devices and Connected Vehicles. 2017.
J. B. Wiener; A. C. Petersen; C. Benighaus; J. D. Graham; K. A. Oye et al. : Transatlantic Patterns of Risk Regulation: Implications for International Trade and Cooperation. 2017.