Specific Issues

All publications on specific issues are available on the IRGC Foundation website.


The main specific issues adressed by IRGC@EPFL are:

A selection of publications on IRGC’s specific issues:

K. Bejtullahu Michalopoulos : Workshop Report: The Governance of Decision-Making Algorithms. 2018-11-23.
A. Nursimulu; M-V. Florin : Workshop Report: The Economics of Precision Medicine. 2018-07-18.
M-V. Florin; K. Bejtullahu-Michalopoulos : Workshop Report: Governance of Trust in Precision Medicine. 2018.
M-V. Florin; G. Escher : A Roadmap for the Development of Precision Medicine. 2017.
M-V. Florin : Governing Cybersecurity Risks and Benefits of the Internet of Things: Connected Medical and Health Devices and Connected Vehicles. 2017.
M-V. Florin : Governing Cyber Security Risks and Benefits of the Internet of Things: Application to Connected Vehicles and Medical Devices. 2016.
F. B. Schneider; E. M. Sedenberg; D. K. Mulligan : Public Cybersecurity and Rationalizing Information Sharing. 2016.
M-V. Florin; H. Yu : Collection, Access and Use of Human Genetic Information for Precision Medicines: Risk Governance Considerations. 2016.