Resource guide on resilience

IRGC’s Resource Guide on Resilience (volume 1 and volume 2) aims to serve as a state-of-the-art overview of various perspectives on resilience in selected disciplines and domains. Each volume is composed of several pieces from thought leaders in academia, government, and industry, and helps formalize resilience in a manner that is useful to practitioners for applications as diverse as critical infrastructure and socio-technical systems, environment and social-ecological systems, economics, or organizational management.

Volume 1, 2016

  This collection of over 40 authored pieces offers researchers and practitioners a review of concepts, definitions and approaches of resilience, with a focus on comparing, contrasting and integrating risk and resilience, and indicators and measurements.

The IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience is developed by the IRGC Foundation and available at:

A compilation of all pieces is available here:

Volume 2, 2018

The second volume of IRGC’s resource guide on resilience:

– Provides in-depth and pragmatic evaluation of concepts and methods for resilience-based approaches in contrast to risk-based approaches, as proposed and practiced in different domains of science and practice. Adequate articulation of risk and resilience is key to ensure security in systems.

– Considers possible drawbacks of resilience, such as when resilience does not discourage inappropriate risk-seeking behaviour

– Discusses the relevance and role of resilience as a strategy to address challenges posed by systemic risks that develop in complex adaptive systems (CAS). Such systems are interconnected, with the result that risks can cascade within and between systems. Resilience can help steer dynamic changes in CAS, as those evolve in response to internal and external shocks and stresses.

A compilation of all pieces is available here:

Hochrainer-Stigler, Boza, Colon, Poledna, Rovenskaya & Dieckmann


Dr Benjamin Trump (ORISE Fellow, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center), Marie-Valentine Florin (IRGC) and Dr Igor Linkov (Carnegie Mellon University; US Army Engineer Research and Development Center) served as coordinators and editors for this collection of authored pieces.

Final editing work was done by Marcel Bürkler and Anca Rusu (IRGC).


To reference a paper from the IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience, please cite including the following information:

Volume 1: Author (2016). Title. In Florin, M.-V., & Linkov, I. (Eds.), IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience Volume 1. Lausanne: EPFL and International Risk Governance Council (IRGC).


ISBN 978-2-9701188-0-0

Volume 2: Author (2018). Title. In Trump, B. D., Florin, M.-V., & Linkov, I. (Eds.). IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience (vol. 2): Domains of resilience for complex interconnected systems. Lausanne, CH: EPFL International Risk Governance Center.

doi: 10.5075/epfl-irgc-262527


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